Tutorial- Application Development on Force.com from 30 day Free Trial

Force.com is a cloud computing platform as a service offering from Salesforce, the first of its kind allowing developers to build multi-tenant applications that are hosted on their servers as a service.

Features of force.com

The multitenant architecture of Force.com consists of the following features:

•Shared infrastructure. Every customer (or tenant) of Force.com shares the same infrastructure. You are assigned a logical environment within the Force.com infrastructure.

•Single version There is only one version of the Force.com platform in production. The same platform is used to deliver applications of all sizes and shapes, used by 1 to 100,000 users.

•Continuous, zero-cost improvements When Force.com is upgraded to include new features or bug fixes, the upgrade is enabled in every customer’s logical environment with zero to minimal effort required.

•Infrastructure Explosure Force.com is targeted toward corporate application developers and independent software vendors. Unlike the other PaaS offerings, it does not expose developers directly to its own infrastructure

•Integration with other Technologies: FORCE.com integrates with other technologies using open standards such as SOAP and REST, the programming languages and metadata representations used to build applications are proprietary to Force.com.

•Relational Database
–To store and manage the business data. Data is stores in the objects.
•Application Services
–logging, transaction processing, validation
•Declarative Meta-Data
–Customized configured simple XML and documented schema’s
•Programming Languages
force.com - Infrastructure, Application and Operational Services
The layers of technologies and services make up the platform.
force.com - Application Architecture
force.com - How it works?

force.com – How it works?

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30 day free trial doesn’t provide Workflow support else we can create full featured application. In Trial, we can create a Visualforce page but cannot enable Sites for our organization nor register our Force.com domain name and expose the Visualforce page we created as a public product catalog on the Web.

Workflow Support is available in Force.com One App: Start with one custom app- for your organization only.

force.com - 30 day Free Trial

force.com – 30 day Free Trial

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